• Energetic efficiency solutions including:


High efficiency cogeneration engines;

Voltage stabilizer equipment- ComEC– which reduced the energy consumption;


  • Cogeneration/trigeneration project implementation consultancy in order to reduce consumption and energy costs;
  • Identification of interesting financing opportunities for cogeneration/trigeneration projects ;
  • Consulting services for potential customers who wish to obtain authorizations/licenses to operate on the energy market;
  • GE-Jenbacher gas engine equipment delivery services;
  • Commissioning of various cogeneration/trigeneration equipment;
  • Provider of consumable goods designed for engine use (oil, glicol, etc.);
  • Cogeneration equipment operation and maintenance;
  • Preventive and corrective maintenance, including spare parts;
  • Major overhauls;
  • Turn-key cogeneration plant setup (solution decision, construction plan, building setup, equipment delivery, commissioning, service)

Service and guarantee

Our priority consists in developing a long-term partnership with all our partners (clients and suppliers), having as motto the “win-win” phrase both in relationship with the suppliers and the clients.
The relationship with the clients starts from the first contact and maintains on the entire life of the product or length of service provided.
The service team of TEB Energy Business offers authorized services both during the guarantee period of time and post-guarantee, ensuring equipments, spare parts and operation. The personnel of TEB Energy Business is qualified and authorized by our suppliers, in this respect they organize annual training courses with qualified companies. TEB Energy Business ensures the service at national level for GE Jenbacher engines that have been installed in Romania.

Our clients are:


  • Vest Energo – Bucuresti
  • Ecogen Energy – Buzau
  • Apa Nova – Bucuresti (Statia de tratare ape uzate Glina)
  • Dalkia Romania – Bucuresti
  • Bepco – Brasov
  • Aaylex – Buzau (motoare pe biogas)
  • Caroli-Pitesti
  • Iconita-Petrom
  • Platformele marine-Petrom

TEB Energy Business has set up a computerized dispatch office for the administration of all own power stations and equipments under service contract. With the help of this dispatch office, we can follow continuous the power plants parameters and its possible technical issues, being able to interfere with promptitude.